Genetics are more and more present in our society. Actually, genetic analysis or DNA testing are accessible to everyone thanks to the wide range of genetic studies offered by specialized laboratories:

This culmination of genetics is directly associated with the many research works that provide us a better understanding of the human genome and its genetic code. Contact us if you are interested in the world of genetics.

Genetic selection and molecular biology

Sanbiotec - Pruebas genéticas a ganado Sanbiotec - Pruebas genéticas a ganado

The genetic code of the human being is not the only center of interest. In recent years, genetics have been of interest to other sectors such as agriculture, with the creation of new varieties of fruits or vegetables, or with the genetic selection of animals for farming (cows, goats, sheep, horses, etc…). Each gene, mutation or DNA change, can turn into an advantage: the most important point is to find it, and to convert it into a selection criterion.

We are experts in molecular biology. We carry out design of genetic constructions, development of microbial mutagenesis system, design of synthetic genes, gene expression, protein synthesis, study of metabolism, characterization of molecular markers, PCR or other work related to molecular biology. We are also familiarised with the use of bioinformatic tools.

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